Marriage is Punishment for Shoplifting in Some Countries

I run an extremely occasional email newsletter doing a scene by scene close reading of Wayne’s World with bits of theory and digressions. As in, I haven’t done one of these for over a year but if you sign up you will almost certainly get a new one at some point.

Feedback has been very positive from the constituency of people who self-identify as really, really, really liking both Wayne’s World and critical theory. If this might be you, then you can subscribe at:

I did a talk about this in April 2018 at Flat Time House, on the invitation of the Bad Vibes Club. The Bad Vibes Club’s 2017-18 publication, The Bad Vibes Club Reader, also features one of the essays.

Please do get in touch if you’ve got a big birthday coming up and you’d like to book an earnest Wayne’s World lecture as entertainment.