5’9 / 1981 / B Rh+ / Instagram: @veryspecificvideotapes / Twitter: @tessanorton

Writer/artist, West Yorkshire, UK. I like sambal and 90s supermodels.

My work takes many forms but writing is generally at the heart of it. In 2018, on residency at Wysing Arts Centre, I produced an artist’s publication called The Fields Here Are Full of Ghosts, which you can buy as an edition on Wysing Polyphonic here. My kid was 2 at the time and I brought him along on the residency. It takes the experience of becoming a parent as a starting point to explore joy, grief, ghosts, memory, pop music and the elasticity of time. Quite a lot of it is about Dexy’s Midnight Runners, actually.

I was a Jerwood Arts x FACT Digital Fellow in 2020-21 and made a new installation called Dark Circles which is currently showing in FACT’s exhibition Let The Song Hold Us.

Elsewhere, I’ve given readings and contributed to exhibitions and events at various places, including Liverpool Biennial, The Tetley and SPACE. As far as I know, I’m the only person to have ever screened Wayne’s World at Flat Time House.

I write about art, books, and culture too, and my writing has appeared in various publications including Tribune, Burlington Contemporary, The Wire, Corridor 8, etc.  I co-edited  Excavate: The Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall which was published by Faber on April 1, 2021. It was the Louder Than War #1 book of the year, and also named as a book of the year by Rough Trade, The Times, Mojo, Uncut, and The Herald.

Don’t listen to me, listen to David Peace: “To 50,000 Fall Fans: please buy this inspired & inspiring, profound & provocative, beautiful & bonkers Book of Revelations, choc-stock-full of loving Acts by true Apostles, simultaneously both the scrapbook you wished you’d kept and a portal to futures & pasts, known & unknown, & a Fantastic Celebration of this Nation’s Saving Grace.” Fall Heads? More here!

Writing commissions and enquiries:

1-800-SORRY-I-RUINED-YOUR-EXHIBITION-CATALOGUE or you can contact me here.

I’m happy to talk about any writing commissions for exhibition texts, essays, interviews or features. Unless you’re the ghost of Walter Becker come to lob household objects at Donald Fagen while he sleeps, I probably do not want to review your band’s album.