Exhibitions and miscellaneous

  • 2019 All His Ghosts Must Do My Bidding, Wysing Arts Centre (a new commissioned work for Wysing’s 30th anniversary show, feat. Elizabeth Price, Heather Phillipson, Tai Shani, and more – more here)
  • 2019 Silly Symposium, reading/performance at Ex-Baldessarre, Bedford
  • 2018 Wysing Arts Centre residency event: Reading / in conversation with Lucy Mercer (more here)
  • 2018 Shady Todmorden #3, curated by Roy Claire Potter (reading)
  • 2018 Pivotal Moments (Space Arts / London Creative Network): Reading / in conversation with Donna Lynas
  • 2018 Marriage is Punishment for Shoplifting in Some Countries: Wayne’s World, beta bros and radical vulnerability, Flat Time House, London (Bad Vibes Club lecture)
  • 2017 Award Machine Reading Group, Grrrr! London (event)
  • 2017 Truth Machine, Grrrr! London (group show)
  • 2017 Researcher, Abstractions of Holderness, Bob Stanley/Esther Johnson film commission for Mind On The Run, a Basil Kirchin weekend for Hull 2017 City of Culture
  • 2016 Children are the Shock Troops of Gentrification, Liverpool Biennial (reading)
  • 2015 LUSTRE FABRICS, Saltaire Arts Trail (solo)
  • 2014 The Pure Ideology Personal Brand Workshop, Legion TV, London (solo project)
  • 2014 Lots of Planets Have a North, The Tetley, Leeds (reading)
  • 2014 Situational Aesthetics, Airspace Gallery, Liverpool (group show)


  • 2021 (forthcoming) — Excavate: The Wonderful & Frightening World of The Fall, Faber & Faber (co-editor, with Bob Stanley)
  • 2019 The Fields Here Are Full of Ghosts, a limited edition looseleaf publication released by Wysing Polyphonic label
  • 2019 Pivotal Moments, eds Sonya Dyer, SPACE/London Creative Network (contributor)
  • 2019 “Becoming Baby: Stupidity, boredom, time and escape” in Doggerland: A reader on Sociality & Idiocy (essay)
  • 2018 Accompanying essays for exhibitions at Ex-Baldessarre, Bedford, curated by Andy Holden: Estate of Hermione, 15 Sept – 5 Oct, and Silly Symphony, 8 Dec – 5 Jan (Ollie Dook, Elly Thomas, Andy Holden, Bobby, Philippe, Sputnik)
  • 2018 Some Notes on Wayne’s World, Cruelty, Kindness and Radical VulnerabilityThe Bad Vibes Club Reader, eds Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau and Beth Bramich (essay)
  • 2017 Marriage is Punishment for Shoplifting in Some Countries (email newsletter)
  • 2017 Digital Voodoo, or Tragedy Plus Time, Laugh magazine #3 (text piece)
  • 2016 London’s Hottest Grassroots Arts Spaces (mail project)
  • 2014 At Home He’s a Tourist, Lots of Planets Have a North (text piece)
  • 2014 Art Theory Urban Dictionary, Hoax #3 (text piece)

I am also a regular contributor (profiles, contemporary art reviews, books) to various publications including The Wire, Corridor 8, Art Licks, This is Tomorrow, Garageland etc – more details in the Writing section above.


  • 2018 Residency at Wysing Arts Centre (more here)



  • MA Cultural & Critical Studies, Birkbeck, University of London
  • BA Law (!), University of Cambridge